Drum management for the recycling and return of cable drums

The Versowood Drum management service has been developed to provide our customers with a comprehensive handling service for cable drums. Our drum management service ensures our customers a refund for returned drums, recycling of cable drums, and convenient return of drums.

The drum management service aims to improve the efficiency of drum operations, and to ensure that the maintenance and repair of drums lengthens their service life, improves recyclability, and guarantees fast warehouse services for drums. Broken drums are scrapped in an environmentally friendly way. Versowood’s branches serve as the return points for cable drums.

Versowood Drum management service:

  • delivery of cable drums at the right time
  • return of cable drums
  • refund for drums
  • scrapping and disposal of drums
  • environmentally-friendly recycling of cable drums

Recycling system: Versowood Oy Nestor Cables Oy.

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