Impregnated poles for durable construction

We produce poles from impregnated wood, which lasts many years, even tripling the life of the product. Our impregnated pole timber, treated in accordance with each intended use, is a sure solution for telephone transmission line supports, electric transmission line supports, and Safepole safety poles.

Salt impregnation and creosote impregnation ensure that the Finnish, slow-growing wood is the best possible raw material for poles. The long service life and lack of a need for maintenance also makes them a highly cost-effective choice of raw material for telephone and electricity transmission line supports.

High-quality Finnish pole wood

Selection of the pole wood happens already at the harvesting phase in the forest, when the straightest, tallest, and least-branched trunks are selected for transmission poles. Versowood has for decades provided high-quality and environmentally friendly electricity and telephone transmission line supports for varied weather conditions – in deserts, freezing conditions, rain, and heat.

Our poles are Finnish pine, known throughout the world for their strength and high quality. Our product range also includes untreated poles. Delivery times of our poles are made as short as possible by our large-scale production capacity and our ready-to-use stores of standard-dimensioned poles. The transmission poles are transported by pole lorries directly to the customer, or to the port of exportation for shipment.

Creosote-impregnated poles

Creosote oil is the oldest and most effective wood-impregnating agent. Creosote-impregnated wood can withstand weather fluctuations both in the desert and in the tropics, making it the ideal choice for demanding locations. It has a working life of at least 50–60 years, and is maintenance-free for up to 50 years. Brown creosote impregnation gives the wood the best protection against microbes, and prevents water absorption into the wood.

Creosote-saturated poles

Our products made from creosote-impregnated poles:

  • electricity and telephone transmission line supports
  • heavy-duty support structures
  • piles / posts

Water-based salt preservatives provide effective wood protection when in contact with soil, water, and concrete, in all but the most extreme conditions.

  • electricity and telephone transmission line supports
  • heavy-duty support structures
  • piles / posts

Salt-saturated poles

Versowood’s patented Safepole security poles are type-approved by the Tiehallinto road administration (now part of the Finnish Transport Agency), and get their name from the fact that they break up upon impact, rather than providing resistance to the crash. The pressure-saturated wooden VT Safepole blends in well with the natural environment. They are easy to erect and can be climbed with climbing irons. Treatment of safety poles to make them more flexible is always done in the factory before saturation, so that they are ready for use immediately after being erected.

  • Type-approved by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Safepole poles