Glulam has been made at the Heinola plant for three generations now

The third-generation Heinola glulam plant began production operations in August 2000. The strength of the Heinola glulam plant is in its highly efficient production capacity and excellent spruce and pine raw materials. Heinola is also the location of our forestry office, where our log sales supervisors work to assist forest owners.

Glulam of guaranteed high quality in accordance with both Finnish and international standards

In addition to our Finnish L manufacturing licence, the quality assurance procedures for our production and glulam products also include the Nordic L licence, which was issued to the Heinola glulam plant, the German A manufacturing licence in accordance with the DIN 1052 standard, and the JPIC/MAFF and the Japanese JAS standard.

The production of the Heinola glulam plant is delivered to our customers around the world. The plant makes extensive use of German manufacturing technology. The most important markets for the Heinola glulam plant are Japan and the German-speaking countries in Europe.

Heinolan liimapuutehdas

  • Production area: 7 ha
  • Personnel: 40
  • Production: 60,000 m³ standard glulam