Sawn timber products from Finnish pine and spruce/fir

Versowood's modern sawmills produce top-grade pine and spruce timber for construction and industry. Visually pleasing sawn timber, with few knots, is long-lasting and hard-wearing, and the wood quality and density of the fibres is guaranteed through slow growth in the demanding Finnish climate. Our sawn timber range includes a broad supply of sawn timber of different lengths, in addition to boards, planks and slats.

High-quality and accurately dimensioned sawn timber

Our state-of-the-art processing methods ensure the production of high-quality sawn timber, tailored to the customer’s needs. The machining and strength properties of our products are simply in a class of their own. The uses for our high-quality sawn timber include:

  • housing construction
  • infrastructure construction
  • wood packaging production
  • furniture production
  • manufacture of doors and windows

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