Bioenergy – clean and renewable energy from the forest

Bio-heating, or bioenergy, refers to clean and environmentally-friendly renewable energy, generated for example from wood. Burning of wood pellets does not contribute to carbon dioxide emissions, because they release the same amount of carbon dioxide as is released when wood-based waste decomposes in nature. We produce forest energy from the forest residue we collect when harvesting. District heating produced from forest residue provides an ecological alternative to natural gas and oil heating. Bioenergy offers a wide range of opportunities for renewable wood energy, both for private customers and for businesses.

Our thermal energy plants at Vierumäki and Riihimäki generate heat energy not only for the plants themselves, but also for local district heating networks.

Wood pellets – bioenergy at its best

Our Hotti wood pellets are made from by-products of wood processing. We use both wood raw material and the by-products of production, right down to the last chip. Hotti heating pellets are 100% Finnish and an environmentally-friendly product.

Versowood’s wood pellet plant produces about  100,000 tons of heating pellets per year, for small and large customers alike. Being cheap, clean and easy to use, pellets are ideal for heating industrial houses, farms, terraced houses and detached houses.

Learn more about our environmentally-friendly Hotti pellets, and contact us – our experts will help you find the solution that’s best for you!

Versowood, Hotti-puupelletti