Versowood history

Founding a Finnish wood processing company

The duo of Partanen and Länsipuro, a driver and roads inspector respectively, decided to set up a sawmill in Härkälä village in Vierumäki. Being brave, they were not deterred by the resistance of the sawmills already in the area. Many others in the region were very supportive of their endeavour.

Versowood history

Wood-treating operations begin

Strong demand for a wide range of specialised wood products, such as hay silos and piers, challenged the company to develop impregnation methods for ensuring the durability of the wood they produced. Salt-saturation of sawn timber began at the sawmill in 1965.

Versowood history

Glulam production begins

In order to ensure reliable deliveries and the right length of sawn timber, glulam technology was introduced to increase the length of supporting structures made of Finnish sawn timber. Vierumäen Teollisuus was a pioneering Finnish wood-processing company at that time.

Versowood history

The Kopra family take over the management of the company

The Finnish wood-processing company, Vierumäen Teollisuus Oy, changed ownership on 1 January 1990, when the Kopras, a long-standing sawmill family business, took over the company from the Koll family who had owned it for 37 years.

Versowood history

Otava sawmill becomes part of Vierumäki Teollisuus Oy

Otava Saha sawmill, a more than 100-year-old enterprise located near Mikkeli, becomes a subsidiary of Vierumäen Teollisuus Oy. As a result of the incorporation, the group’s production capacity of Finnish sawn timber almost doubles.

Versowood history

The Novalam glulam plant begins operations

Vierumäen Teollisuus Oy builds a third-generation glulam plant near the Vierumäki sawmill. Production at the new plant begins in August 2000.

Versowood history

Kotka Laminated Lumber becomes part of Vierumäki Teollisuus Oy

Kotka Laminated Lumber Oy, a manufacturer of high-quality glulam products, becomes part of the Vierumäen Teollisuus group. The vast bulk of the group’s production, 95%, is exported to the Japanese market.

Versowood history

Pentre becomes part of Vierumäki Teollisuus Oy

Pentre Finland Oy, an internationally reputable Finnish manufacturer of wooden and plywood packaging boxes and cable coils, is incorporated into the Vierumäen Teollisuus group.

Versowood history

Vierumäen Teollisuus acquires the Riihimäki-based company Paloheimo Wood Oy

In July 2004, Vierumäen Teollisuus acquires the entire stock of Paloheimo Wood Oy. The acquisition includes all of Paloheimo Wood’s sawmill, planing, and partition production operations with its HGB trademarks, as well as the company’s industrial buildings.

Vierumäen Teollisuus is no more

The Vierumäen Teollisuus Group harmonizes the names and visual looks of all its units. Having the various units operating under different names had long been a laborious and cumbersome arrangement, and as of 10 December 2004, the name of the entire group became Versowood Group.

Versowood history

A loading pallet of sawn timber every 9 seconds

At the beginning of 2005, a state-of-the-art pallet factory was opened at Versowood’s Riihimäki branch. This further expanded and complemented the group’s wood packaging range. The twenty-person Riihimäki branch manufactures standard pallets and single-use pallets from Finnish sawn timber.

Versowood history

Versowood’s milestones

The year 2006 brought a number of major events for Versowood Group. A new generation takes over the management of the group. This year also marked the sixtieth anniversary of our Finnish wood-processing company; in honour of this milestone, the Veistosaha sawmill gets a major facelift in conjunction with rebuilding that was taking place at the same time.

Versowood history

Streamlining of operations and expansion of production

Restructuring of the Versowood Group achieves consolidation of the Group's industrial operations, and streamlining and clarification of the Group’s administrative functions.

Acquisition of two woodworking companies, R. Ojala Oy and Torpak Oy. A new pellet factory begins operations, and Versowood’s new sawn timber and pellet warehouse is opened at Valko harbour in Loviisa.

Versowood history

Versowood’s expansion

Two more companies are merged with the Versowood Group through acquisitions: Valkeakoski Laajapuu Oy and Muurlava Yhtiöt Oy. The latter was the parent company of A. Jalander Oy, which by now was already part of the Group.

Versowood history


  • Pellet production begins in 2007
  • Sawdust bale production begins in 2010
  • EURO sawmill renovated in 2013
Versowood history

Versowood Oy acquires Vapo’s Hankasalmi sawmill

Versowood Oy acquires Vapo Timber Oy’s Hankasalmi sawmill and its timber processing business operations. The acquisition makes Versowood Oy one of the largest sawmill operators in the Finland. The merger came into force on 1 January 2014. Versowood’s and Hankasalmi sawmill’s total combined turnover for 2013 was over EUR 330 million, and exceeded EUR 350 million in 2014. After the merger, the Group has nearly 800 employees.

Versowood history

Versowood acquires Metsä Wood’s Hartola glulam mill

Thanks to this acquisition, Versowood’s glulam production volume for 2016 increases from about 65,000 m³ to over 80,000 m³. The acquisition brings the combined turnover of Versowood Group’s glulam beam production from Finnish wood to almost EUR 40 million per year. After the acquisition, Versowood’s glulam operations have a total of 110 employees.

Versowood history

Versowood buys the Kissakoski sawmill

New addition, Kissakoski sawmill, added to group in 2022, supports the wood procurement and also enhances the sawing. Kissakoski unit saws 9-15 cm small logs which produce planks and spars to be used in wood packaging industry.

Versowood history

Versowood invests in increasing sawmill production in Vierumäki

Versowood will increase the Vierumäki unit's annual saw production from the current level of 475,000 cubic meters to more than 600,000 cubic meters. During the summer of 2022, the company will renew the second sawing line in Vierumäki and build a new fresh sorting facility for core goods. The investment increases significantly unit´s cost efficiency and productivity.

Versowood history

Ownership of the Versowood Group to Ville Kopra

With the share transaction completed on 16 November 2022, Versowood Group Oy has purchased the group’s shares owned by Pekka Kopra, and thus the company’s ownership has been wholly transferred to Ville Kopra.

Versowood history

Versowood acquires Vapo Terra Oy's Turenki pellet factory

The acquisition will take place on 1.1. 2024. Versowood's total pellet production will increase to almost 100,000 tons. The company sees the potential for growth in bioenergy and especially in pellets.