Glulam enables lightweight load-bearing structures in construction

The versatility of application and load-bearing capacity of wood can be improved by glueing layers of wood together. The resulting glued laminated wood, or glulam, is suitable for demanding uses, and makes buildings more aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the glueing, the microbial populations that are characteristic of solid wood are eliminated. And in addition to being an ecologically friendly choice, glulam wooden structures can be installed or erected in all directions, and in the desired length and shape. Considering how exceptionally strong it is, glulam is a lightweight construction material.

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Glulam standard products

We produce about 140,000 m³ of glulam every year, prepared to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Why should you choose glulam?

Versowood makes all its glulam products from Finnish spruce and pine sawn timber. Finland is one of the world’s best wood-growing areas. The growing season is very short – only about 100 days a year. The slower a tree grows, the higher is the quality of the wood. Wood is a powerful carbon sink, and binds the carbon throughout the life cycle – for over 75 years for wood structures, for instance.

In addition to its ecology and durability, the glulam is also a fire safe building material. Glulam beams do not need separate fireproofing, because the charred layer created by burning of the glulam slows down the combustion, thereby lengthening the bearing capacity of the load-bearing structures. Choosing glulam as a building material brings you many technical advantages. For example, installation is not dependent on weather or season, site work can be carried out with conventional tools, machining can be done in advance at the factory, and glulam can bear its full load right after installation. Our cut-to-size service is a solution that cuts wood materials to a special length, saving you time and money. The glulam products are cut to the special lengths you require, so that there is no waste and work proceeds faster on your site. Read more in our glulam brochure.

  • Ecologically friendly and 100% Finnish
  • Wood is a powerful carbon sink
  • easy to install and work
  • strong and fire safe
  • adds flexibility to design
  • visually pleasing

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We produce glulam as standard products, and also as custom project products.