Individual solutions for noise control and landscaping

We manufacture noise barriers, fence elements, and landscape fences that are individually designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our stylishly designed products are well suited to the intended purpose and are also designed to blend in well with the environment. Then properly maintained, our fences and fence elements serve up well to demanding roadside conditions for a long time. Our wood products meet the current requirements for noise barriers.

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Wooden noise barriers are an environmentally friendly and effective solution

Our barriers are made from pressure-saturated or unsaturated wood. We produce two basic noise barrier types, absorbing and reflective. The soft layers in absorbing noise barriers prevent the sound from being reflected, for example, to the opposite side of the road. The noise-absorbing property of wood is also taken advantage of for the wood cladding of concrete noise barriers. Reflective noise barriers dampen the sound waves passing through them, and primarily shield the area behind the fence from noise.

Wooden noise barriers fit well into the Finnish landscape. Through the use of various surface structures and treatment materials, wooden fences can be made very individual, stylish, and durable. Choose a 100% Finnish fence – the Versowood sales team will help you find the right solution for your purposes.

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