Versowood’s environmental alphabet


Verifying in every case the origins of the raw materials we use, so that we continue to promote sustainable silviculture practices in all we do.


Environmental harms are prevented and reduced to the best of our ability. We use natural resources as economically as possible.


Renewability of forests is ensured by ensuring that we use the raw materials innovatively. The products we manufacture are environmentally sustainable.


Sustainability is further ensured by compliance with a range of certification systems, which demonstrates that our wood-processing operations are on a firm and environmentally responsible and safe footing. We promote use of waste material, which in addition to reducing the amount of landfill waste is also an economically wise strategy.


Ongoing self-sufficiency in thermal energy production. The thermal energy we use is produced almost exclusively with biofuel.

Etched in wood

The Versowood Group’s entire business operations are dependent on nature and its raw materials. This being so, it is self-evident that respect and care for the environment is extremely important to us, and is absolutely essential to the continued prosperity of our company. Actions that benefit the environment and efforts to develop new ways of promoting environmental sustainability are an integral part of our activities.

All our log sales operations are carried out with sustainability in mind, and all of the sawn timber we produce and process is of the highest quality.

Better log sales and new products

We continue to actively seek new operating models, new customer groups, and developing new products. We always try to do our best, and to continuously develop our business operations. We understand very well that our customers expect quality above all else – our products must continue to be first-class, and our customer service must continue to be attentive and efficient.

Employees are the lifeblood of a company

Without the people to do the work, and do it well, there is nothing. Ensuring the daily safety and wellbeing of all our employees and offering them attractive and motivating career opportunities is the key to our continued success. A company must learn from the people who make it what it is.