Long-established wood processing at Vierumäki sawmill and glulam plant

In addition to Versowood’s headquarters, Versowood’s Vierumäki branch also contains a sawmill, glulam plant, pole manufacturing plant, pellet plant, thermal energy plants, and further processing plants. Among the products that the Vierumäki unit makes, in addition to sawn timber, are planed and treated sawn wood products, various glulam products, earth construction and roadbuilding products, such as wooden bridges, noise barrier elements, as well as telephone transmission line supports and electricity transmission line supports.

Wood processing expertise since 1946

The Vierumäki branch, in operation since 1946, saws spruce and pine. Our annual production capacity at Vierumäki is 550,000 m³. In addition to timber production, the unit produces refined goods and has acquired extensive of know-how in this field.

Vierumäki's offices are located along good traffic routes, Trunk road 4, and the railway.

Vierumäki unit

  • Production area: 110 ha
  • Personnel: 305
  • Production: 430,000 m³, 50,000 m³ planed and painted products, 35,000 m³ treated sawn timber, 50,000 m³ poles and posts, 30 000 m³ glulam products