CE-certified finger-jointed sawn timber

We produce CE-certified finger-jointed sawn timber for the production of frame structures in construction. The finger joints enable the production of timber products that are longer than normal, extremely straight and dimensionally precise. The result is high-quality sawn timber, tailored to the customer’s needs and with machining and strength properties that are in a class of their own.

Finger-jointed sawn timber for specialist construction purposes

Our CE-marked finger-jointed sawn timber is manufactured in the desired strength class. The most common thicknesses for finger-jointed sawn timber are 42 mm and 48 mm. We provide standard widths in different strength classes, from 98 mm all the way up to 223 mm. The finger joint glues we use in our finger-jointed sawn timber, all of which is CE-labelled, are colorless and weatherproof.

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