Kuningaspaneeli® panels for durable and attractive outdoor cladding

Our Kuningaspaneeli® panels are broad and provide attractive cladding. Versowood’s Kuningaspaneeli® panels are quick to install, and are also a cost-effective choice for outdoor cladding. These durable cladding elements guarantee long-lasting outdoor cladding, and the panels have a modern and eye-catching look. Versowood Kuningaspaneeli® is suitable for both residential and office buildings, and also works well on large wall surfaces. Kuningaspaneeli® cladding retains its appearance, shape and size more effectively than conventional panels.

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Attractive cladding fast

Versowood Kuningaspaneeli® is made of strength-graded and split glulam, with a depth and width of 42x312 mm and in lengths of up to 12 metres. Kuningaspaneeli® provides a continuous wall surface quickly and cost-effectively.

Kuningaspaneeli® uses light-coloured, weather-resistant glue. Kuningaspaneeli® is available with a natural wood finish or with a surface finish. The surface of the panels is precision-sawed or planed.

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