What is bio-heating?

Bio-heating, or bioenergy, refers to clean and environmentally-friendly renewable energy, generated for example from wood. Versowood’s bio-heating is an ecologically sustainable option for conventional heating systems such as natural gas and oil heating. In addition to our own biomass power plants, we also produce bio-heating for local district heating networks.

Forest residues – bio-heating at its best!

How is bio-heating generated?

The ecological forest residue obtained from the felling of logs is collected by a harvesting machine, allowed to dry for two to five weeks (depending on the weather). It is then transferred to the roadside to be transported onward or chipped to produce forest energy.

Our own heat plants use the bark by-products from our sawmill production.

Bio-heating from pellets

We are a full-service pellet supplier, and sell both heating pellets and heat solutions as turnkey services. We make heating pellets from wood-processing side streams. Our pellets are made of pure wood, and contain no bark, stones, or other impurities. Pellets are a convenient choice for heating single-family homes, and also larger premises such as industrial buildings. Read more on pellet heating.

Why you should choose:

  • 100% Finnish
  • environmentally friendly
  • a renewable energy source
    burning of wood pellets releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as is released when wood-based waste decomposes in nature.

Did you know this about

  • in the course of tree felling we collect around 300,000 solid cubic metres of forest residue per year, with a total energy value of about 600,000 megawatt hours (MWh)
  • the amount of forest residue we collect would be enough to heat up to 25,000 single-family houses for a year.

Bio-heating heats:

  • a sports park, school premises, and other facilities and homes near our sawmill in Vierumäki
  • our own factory premises
  • we also supply wood energy to the thermal plants in our wood procurement areas.