Precisely planed timber, from floorboards to panels.

We plan logs, floorboards, slats, panels, and dimensioned sawn timber for the needs of builders and wood product manufacturers. Planing reduces the workload and material loss. Speed up your work by ordering pre-opened, drilled, notched/morticed, split and special-length products to the site.

Planed sawn timber

Especially in construction, sawn timber must be carefully dimensioned. It must also meet the varying needs of builders, for example, smoothness of surfaces and various profiles. We provide our customers with the versatile Verso processed wood family, and with products that are often tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

We provide the following products, dimensioned to your needs:

  • planed beams
  • planed floor boards
  • planed battens/beads
  • planed panels
  • dimensioned sawn timber