The Riihimäki sawmill upholds over 100 years of sawmill tradition in the area

Riihimäki’s sawmill was founded in 1889. Besides the sawmill and planing mill, our Riihimäki branch also contains our coil plant and pallet plant. In addition to sawing spruce logs, the Riihimäki sawmill also manufactures various planed products, further-processed products and wood packaging. The Riihimäki branch produces about 300,000 m³ of sawn timber annually.

First-class sawn wood products according to customer needs

The special needs of our customers are always taken into account in our production. Sawn and custom-dried special-length wood products, and wood packaging made to customer specifications, and quickly delivered to their destinations thanks to highly effective transportation connections.

The starting point for everything produced at our sawmills is first-class raw wood. Spruce logs from nearby forests are selected while still growing, and after felling them they are transported directly to the sawmill for further processing.

The Verso stamp on the end of the sawn wood pack ensures the premium quality of the outbound product!

Riihimäki unit

  • Production area: about 38 ha
  • Personnel: 135
  • Production: 300,000 m³ sawn timber, of which 80% is exported, 35,000 m³ planed sawn timber, 1 million loading pallets, 80,000 wooden coils, 50,000 plywood coils, 40,000 wood and plywood boxes