Wood packaging from Versowood

Versowood is Finland's largest manufacturer of wood packaging. Our packing business units throughout Finland provide versatile and cost-effective service to our customers from a wide range of industries. We manufacture both standard-sized and custom wood packaging:

  • EUR pallets and FIN pallets
  • single-use pallets
  • frame collars
  • cable drums
  • wood and plywood drums
  • wood and plywood packaging boxes

Specialised drums and packing boxes are designed individually according to the needs of our customers and the dimensions of the products. All our wood packaging products are produced in compliance with the ISPM 15 standard.

One of Finland’s largest wood packaging manufacturers

Every year our factory lines produce over  5 million loading pallets, 200,000 cable drums, and 60,000 wood and plywood boxes. We are one of Finland’s largest wood packaging manufacturers, and are a market leader in Finland with several of our wood packaging products