We make the most of the wood raw material we use and produce high-quality wood pellets from the sawdust generated in sawmilling.

At Versowood's Turenki pellet factory, we manufacture wood pellets. The combined annual production of our three pellet factories is approximately 100,000 tonnes. Our pellet factories are located in Vierumäki, Juupajoki and Turenki. Versowood is the largest privately-owned producer and supplier of sawn timber goods in Finland. We operate in 14 locations in Finland and in one location in Estonia.

A tonne of pellets has a high calorific value, about 4.8 MWh, equivalent to four cubic metres of logs or 450 litres of heating oil (source: https://www.biotalous.fi/puupelletit/).

Compressed wood pellets provide clean and renewable energy and are easy to transport and use. Burning wood pellets releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as would be released if the wood decayed naturally. In addition, the combustion emissions of this bark-free and clean fuel are low. Read more about wood pellets.

suursäkki pelletti