Tomorrow is renewable.

Versowood is Finland's largest private producer of sawn timber and further processed goods. As a Finnish family company, Versowood is a caring log buyer, listening to the needs of the forest owner and customer.

Trustworthy log sales since 1946

We have over 75 years of experience in sawn timber and in its processing at our Finnish factories. What all our products have in common is innovativeness and a high quality of raw material that comes from Finnish certified forests.

Loading pallets

Versowood is Finland's largest private sawn timber producer and processor and most significant wood packaging manufacturer. We manufacture almost 4 million loading pallets a year in our five factories in Riihimäki, Muurla, Haukiputaa, Pori and Valkeakoski. 

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Versowood's quality is known on all continents.

We are an innovative pioneer in the forestry industry and we provide each of our customers individual attention and service. Our raw materials are domestic spruce and pine woods, and we don’t waste a single chip. Our roots are in Finland and in Finnish nature.